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    eSkillport H R Services Pvt. Ltd was set up in November, 2005 by two marketing professionals with over three decades of experience in leading FMCG and computer industries as a H R Consulting organisation to provide innovative and exclusive staffing solutions to enable customers meet their critical business needs. Backed by their corporate experience, the team was committed to deliver at the level of customer delight. Whether Employer or Employee, eSkillport provides the foundation to the bridge that leads both to a WIN -WIN destination.

    About Us

    Established in 2005, eSkillport HR Services Pvt Ltd started operations as a recruitment and staffing solutions company focused on the IT and ITES sector. The company has since diversified from providing manpower services for a balanced human task force for both one-time and T&M positions into...

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    Our Stories

    On the manpower augmentation services, e-Skillport endevours to plug the existent gap between the personnel and the organization so as to satiate both parties wholly and shake hands towards a secured…

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    HR Consulting

    eSkillport H R Services has been involved with setting up SOLEs in India since 2009, the first 10 projects were set up in Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh in south India headed by Dr. James Nicholas Tooley…
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    School in the Cloud

    School in the cloud consists of a typically designed lab where a few computers in network and a large screen for Skype are installed. Here the children interact with e-mediators from various countries…

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